How to Hack Wifi Via CMD

Rabu, 19 Juni 2013
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How to Hack Wifi Via CMD

Blog By :ridho pratama
How to Hack Wifi Via CMD in Windows Gallery, How to Hack Wifi Via CMD in Windows
This article only and not for the Development of Security To use misconstrued.
This time I want to share How to Hack Wifi Via CMD in Windows, well the title will certainly attract nih aja our discussion this time, I was actually old enough to know this trick but new thoughts to post.
The hallmark of the hotspot mikrotik generally before when we are faced with a menu browsing can login (enter your username and password). we're here to login bypass, no need to login again when the menu can berbrowsing next time even though the hotspot has been Change username and password.
How to Hack Wireless Password Wifi Or latest. How to find wifi password,  How to Hack or Crack Wifi Password, hack crack passwords will be based on WEP encryption. So people tighten your belt for a new hack and let us begin to hack wifi.
This way I do because I am so angry at my friends who both use wifi because often use netcut. My annoyance prompted me to look for other ways cowering behind them, and the results are very Manteb, in use for youtube streaming not use buffering (* depending on the quality of wifi). Okay from the increasingly curious mending immediately wrote to the very thing in waiting, check it out.
Follow these steps without lacking any:
  • Go to RUN ( CTRL+R ) and then type cmd.exe, or can also directly type cmd.exe in the search field in the start menu (* for those who use Windows 7).

Then it will appear like this.
  • Then Typing ipconfig / all in the blink pointer. This command serves to display information about the connection where you are now.

  • The result will be as below. containing all sorts of information about your computer. Then find the name DNS server then see the code in the next, and the code that you must remember, and if necessary write first in notepad or WordPad.

Then, scrolling cmd.exe you miss the bottom, then you will find the command as an initial order for the type. Now the command Press different again. Type the following command ping -L 500 -T. and the code came from DNS Servers listed above (* Got my DNS Server). Replace with the DNS Server you.
  • Press Enter. Then it will look like the below. Let the process continues as long as you're online using wifi where where you're hanging out today. When you need to minimize it, just do cmd.exe closed.

These tips aim to suck bandwitch being used by other people in one network hotspot / wifi equally guys use. If you are not satisfied with the speed can be changed 500 to 1000 or 2000. But I suggest do not overdo the pity of others. and in addition the method is valid only in windows linux it if I had not tried. Cool is not ... !!

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Thank you very much. I want to study hecker....

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Assalamualaikum ... Tolong di approve gan ! hehe, numpang cari backlink. Gimana keluarga semua di rumah ? Sehat ?
Ijin titip Link ya gan, Mohon maaf kalo ane nyampah ... :)

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